Tsubo Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu Therapy is an Acupressure/massage therapy rooted in Chinese Medicine and the 5 Elements protocols, which are utilized to have the greatest influence on the state of our body, mind and spirit. Shiatsu uses acupressure points, stillness and movement to return our being into balance by soothing the Vegus Nerve, stimulating the lymphatic system, and correcting stagnant or excessive energies which are responsible for bringing illness and discomfort. My use of acu-tonic tuning forks brings a deeper and meditative quality to each session by using sound vibration on commanding Qi points.

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Come visit Tsubo Shiatsu Therapy at the 2022 Okanagan Women's Expo - Penticton, Dates Pending at the Penticton Community Centre.

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