KarmaRub Canada

What is Karma Rub Karma Rub is bottled, pure Australian mineral springs that contains a high concentration of Magnesium with many trace elements including Zinc, Iron, Copper, Lithium an Calcium. It also has a few drops of Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil added!! The magnesium content in Karmarub is found in the form of Magnesium Chloride which is gentle on the body. Magnesium is also better absorbed via the skin (90% absorption rate) compared supplement Magnesium via the stomach which absorbs at (30% absorption rate). It is also extremely effective on treating particular parts of the body ie. back, feet, legs, neck etc.  It has been shown to be effective with   * Relief of muscle cramps, restless legs * Aches, pains and headaches * Stress * Muscle and bone strength * Osteoporosis & rheumatism * Tendinitis * Skin disorders * Calcium spurs * Energy production * Maintenance of normal blood pressure in healthy individuals * Relief of premenstrual breast tenderness and mood changes * Relief of menstrual pain * Cardiovascular health Plus so much more. * Check out liquid Magnesium Chloride on line for many many more health assisted uses.

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