Glissandra™ products uniquely harness the power of nature's potent Schisandra berry, renowned as "one of the 50 fundamental herbs" of traditional Chinese medicine. Dating back to ancient China as the key to maintaining youth and radiance, it is now considered a vital adaptogen that helps the body achieve a balanced state and adapt to physical, mental, environmental and other stresses. This berry has exciting qualities and applications relating to its status as an adaptogen. The Schisandra berry is naturally rich in antioxidants and research suggests that it acts as an antioxidant-site stimulator. In this role, it has been seen to increase antioxidant activity throughout the body, helping fight free radical damage not only by providing its own antioxidants, but also by helping to stimulate antioxidants already present in the body. The power of Schisandra as it relates to skin health and anti-aging lies in Glissandrin,™ a proprietary suite of scientifically proven natural compounds. The key components of Glissandrin™ include (-)Schisandrin B, (±)γ-Schisandrin, Schisandrin A and Schisandrin C – extracts from the Schisandra berry that are refined while preserving their natural state. Unlike most other ingredients for anti-aging skincare, Glissandrin™ is comprised of all natural compounds and is formulated to support the natural ability of skin cells to counteract the major causes of skin aging.

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