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Arthritis, Hearing loss, Helping Aging Parent, Back Problems you may be entitled to $5000-$10,000. Our company is in the business of making sure that people with chronic medical conditions such as arthritis, hearing loss, or helping aging parent, get everything that they are entitled to in the form of the Disability Tax Credit. Our successful qualification rate with Canada Revenue Agency is 99% success, we B.C.’s leaders in specializing in the Federal Disability Tax Credit (DTC) process. Our company has earned its reputation one customer at a time backed by an unmatched level of expertise, experience and high quality of personal service. Many Disability Tax Credit claims are denied due to technicalities or lack of pertinent information. Enabled Financial Solutions Ltd. solves this problem because they act as advocates between the individual client, their doctors, and the Canada Revenue Agency. Come see us for a free assessment at Wellness Fair.

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