2019 Kelowna Wellness Fair Exhibitors


1960546 Alberta LTD

Skin Care Products - VENOFYE
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Aligned Chiropractic

Chiropractors specializing in postural correction.
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Ancient Alternatives Okanagan

Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Arbon is a health and wellness company that abides by strict guidelines with our ingredients policie...
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asgard essentials

organic wellness skincare minerals body wellness
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Incredible medical device from Europe, just came to Canada April 15 of this year, See how 16 minute...
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Club Pilates

Promoting the benefits of Pilates in your fitness routine.
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Connect Hearing

Connect Hearing Listen. Hear. Connect. Every sound connects us to our world. And at Connect Hearing ...
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Membership promotion
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Crafts of Tibet

Authentic Tibetan Artifacts and Self selected handicrafts and healing or meditation objects
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Doterra Essential Oils

Empowering others to take control of your health and wellness through the power of dōTERRA Essential...
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Dream Interpretations and Spiritual Blessings

We interpret dreams and give spiritual blessings,
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Our mission at Elevacity is to elevate your health and happiness through patented and powerful nutri...
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Elevita Health & Life Coaching

Supporting individuals through lifestyle medicine and habit change to achieve sustained optimal heal...
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Energy Dynamics Unlimited

Kelowna-based and internationally acclaimed Intuitive Consultant, Psychic, Spirit Medium, Ghost Bust...
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Esteem Lingerie

We are the bra fitting specialists - big or small! Esteem Lingerie’s specialty is custom bra fittin...
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FitnHealthy Nutritional Consulting

Michale Hartte has 20 years experience getting people Fit and Healthy through her content, courses...
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Forever Living Aloe Vera

I would like to bring awareness to the benefits of drinking Aloe Vera to interested people in health...
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G&D Growers ltd

G&D Growers is the farm behind Berry Crispies, freeze dried blueberries from the farm to your door. ...
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Geti Cosmetics & Skincare

Truly natural skincare and makeup, made from food-grade ingredients. Everything we make here in the ...
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Glenmore Chiropractic

We are a Chiropractic company offering Shockwave Therapy. A safe non- surgical treatment of soft tis...
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Glenmore Community Church

Prayer and encouragement. Free.
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Greeting Table

Welcome Table
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Gro Organics Inc

Weeds & Seeds Superfoods
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HB Naturals

Black seed oil (with no THC). Ayurvedic Super foods. Facial Products.. Essential Bio mineral produ...
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Hello Little Hippie Tea Co.

Hello Little Hippie teas are 100% organic herbal blends that support body, beauty and consciousness....
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Homestead Infusions

Wild Beauty Skin & Body Care. We feature handcrafted and small batch Luxury Skin Care that is formul...
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Interior Health - MyHealthPortal

MyHealthPortal is an on-line tool that provides patients secure 24-hour access to their personal hea...
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Kasia Rachfall | MyMidlifeCoach.com

I believe that midlife is a gift and the time to heal our past once & for all, to stop carbon copyin...
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Kelowna Institute of Natural Medicine

Kelowna Institute of Natural Medicine offers unique economic and effective solutions for chronic deg...
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Kelowna Laser Therapy

We provide soft tissue rehabilitation and pain management with Bioflex Low Intensity Laser Therapy. ...
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Kelowna Medical Massage

From sports injuries to car accidents, Kelowna Medical Massage is there for you. Our team of Registe...
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Kwikfit4u Whole Body Vibration

Get in shape, increase health and wellness with Whole Body Vibration Equipment!
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Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay offers more than 200 premium products in more than 35 countries around the world. For more ...
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mindbodysolutions and Shannon Wilson Intuitive Medium

Holistic Therapy and Intuitive Medium
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My Fit Life Now Inc.

My Fit Life Now Inc. was created to help busy women make time to fit exercise into their lifestyle. ...
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Navigating Menopause

Menopause is the natural life transition when a woman’s estrogen level declines. For some, this cha...
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Norwex' Mission is to improve quality of life by drastically reducing chemicals in our homes. We car...
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OES Wellness Group Inc.

IQ massager, clickies hot/cold pads, Hyperactive Cooling towels & sportswear, PYT Hair care products...
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OK in Health eMagazine & Community Network

OK in Health offers a free community eMagazine to all participants as well as 15 minute and 30 minut...
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Okanagan Naturopathic Healthcare

Dr. Brett Phillips is a local Naturopathic Physician who has been practicing in the Okanagan for the...
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Okanagan Thought Field Therapy

Will supply Bio Later
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Over the Moon

Hi there ! My name is Layla and I use crystals and gemstones to create mindful jewelry, including wi...
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Patient Pathways

Independent healthcare navigator/advocate
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Penticton Integrative HealthCare (TAB Bras and FIRMA wear)

I choose TAB bras to recommend as part of my Healthy Breast class https://acupuncturepenticton.com. ...
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Pure Romance by Valerie

Empowering, Educating, and Elevating the game in Love, Lust, and Passion! As a trained Pure Romance ...
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ABOUT PURETRIM PureTrim is the world's only premium Mediterranean lifestyle company distributing ...
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Radiant Soul Wellness

I am a Reiki Master, Angel Energy Healer, Crystal Healer and Professional Crafter. I love to blend S...
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Rainbow Systems Okanagan

Air purification
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Renée D'Souza Psychotherapy

I help people unlock and use their own natural healing abilities to transform emotional, psychologic...
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Scleroderma Association of BC

The Scleroderma Association of BC was founded in 1984 by five patients diagnosed with scleroderma in...
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Shannon Wilson Intuitive Medium

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Shannon began seeing spirits at an early age. She was apprehensive at fir...
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Sole Soothing Reflexology Kelowna

Reflexology and Crystal Reiki
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Soothe-It Natural Products

Soothe-It Natural Products are 100% ultra pure magnesium Chloride that we all need in our bodies. I...
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Sweetlegs Kelowna with Tina

Hi, I am Kelowna Sweetlegs Independent distributer. I would love to come to one of your events and h...
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The Habit

Carly Banks of The Habit Ayurvedic Wellness has created these delicious latte blends including Ayurv...
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The RAW Root Cellar

Hola my name is Sandy! I create raw vegan chocolates and protein balls for coffee shops , gyms and h...
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Thrive by LeVel

The THRIVE Experience is an 8-week premium lifestyle plan to help individuals experience and reach p...
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VoxxLife - The Neuro-Path to Faster Wellness Everyone deserves accessible, affordable, drug-fre...
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YWCA Hotel Vancouver

The YWCA Hotel in downtown Vancouver provides a warm welcome to all travellers. We offer comfortable...
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