2018 Kelowna Wellness Fair Exhibitors


1 Stop Beauty Shoppe

PYT hair brushes, straightener, venofy skincare, infra red machine
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Agape Natural Wellness & The IV Zone

Dr. Vicky strongly believes in the healing power of nature which ultimately knows what is best. Her ...
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Aligned Chiropractic & Family Health Center

Chiropractors specializing in postural correction.
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Angel Message Ministry

Epi-Genetic Nutritional Science Preventive Lifestyle Medicine with free gift bags with free research...
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ANU Light Therapy

Rejuvenating treatments using Light Therapy with Micro-current for lifting and Radio-frequency for f...
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Arbonne is a Swiss formulated, Vegan Certified, Cruelty Free & Botanically based health & wellness p...
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Asgard essentials

Organic skin,body and unique wellness products
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This is the company that puts mascara on lashes and food on tables. That fights wrinkles with one ha...
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B exclusive...custom fitted undergarments

TAB ..The Amazing Bra ...custom-fitted healthy Bras with NO Underwires FIRMA ENERGYWEAR....compres...
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Biohealth Energy Systems Ltd.

Biohealth Energy Systems Ltd., located in Vernon BC., has 30 years of experience in the integrative ...
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Blue Stone Health Clinic

We are an integrative medical clinic located at 1635 Abbott Street. We have a thriving clinic with m...
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Botanik Beauty (SeneGence)

Vegan + cruelty free, anti-aging cosmetics and skin care. Most known for LipSense, a long lasting, ...
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Canadian patients depend on us to manage a safe, secure and cost-effective blood system. We bring qu...

Connect Hearing

Connect Hearing Listen. Hear. Connect. Every sound connects us to our world. And at Connect Hearing ...
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Crohn's and Colitis Canada- Kelowna Chapter

Crohn’s and Colitis Canada is the only national, volunteer-based charity focused on finding the cure...
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DoTerra Essential Oils

DoTerra Essential Oils
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Energy Dynamics Unlimited

Kelowna-based and internationally acclaimed Intuitive Consultant, Psychic, Spirit Medium, Ghost Bust...
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FitnHealthy Nutritional Consulting

I offer Personalized Nutritional Plans that include Diet, Detox, and Daily Routines. I specialize in...
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Free Mind studio

The Lucia N°03 Meditation Lamp originated in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps and is mindfully crafte...
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Get better

Natural health practitioner, reiki master, psychic, Healer: mind,body,spirit and soul
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Glenmore Chiropractic

" Shockwave therapy has been used for three decades to break down kidney stones and has been used i...
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Glenmore Community Church

Prayer and encouragement. Contact: 250-764-7767
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Gro Organics Inc

Gro Organics is proud to present Weeds & Seeds. A nutritional rock-star superfood blend, Weeds & Se...
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Happy Gut Pro

A Home Brewing Supply Company based in the Kootenay's and spreading rapidly across Canada providing ...
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Healing Tree Harmonics

Herbal Honey Blends, Survival Food (bee pollens), Chocolate, Longevity Tea
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Healing Tree Harmonics

Herbal Honey Blends, Survival Food (bee pollens), Chocolate, Longevity Tea
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Health Activation Services

Did you know that if you sit less you will live longer? Experience the `Walk On Air`feeling with kyb...
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Health and Happiness with Leah (Plexus Worldwide)

We are a health and wellness company that focuses on gut health and overall body balancing. All sup...
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Independent Scentsy SuperStar Director

Warmers and wax Diffusers and oils
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Indigo Ridge Lavender Farm

Indigo Ridge Lavender Farm grows several varieties of English and French Lavender in BC's beautiful ...
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Inner Immersion

Stop by the booth of Inner Immersion and meet Joe Hernandez, deeply intuitive reader, healer and art...
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Joan Spence Counselling & Coaching Services Inc

Hello, I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor specializing in Life Transitions. I support clients dea...
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Joyful Encounters

I wonder, do you have an amazing , loving, non-judgemental relationship with yourself, your body, yo...
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Kelowna Laser Therapy

Kelowna Laser Therapy is the largest therapeutic laser treatment centre in the interior of BC. With...
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Kwikfit4u Whole Body Vibration

Get in shape, increase health and wellness with Whole Body Vibration Equipment!
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les jardins de jacqueline

broker of essential oils and natural products from essential oil diffusor we import and some we gr...
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LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic is a healthy-habit formation company that believes exercise is the best m...
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Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay offers more than 200 premium products in more than 35 countries around the world. For more ...
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MONAT offers the most amazing hair care. With our anti aging, naturally based and non toxic products...
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MotherLove Ferments

MotherLove is a local Kombucha company that brews raw, organic Kombucha, offers workshops on a varie...
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Myrtle CBD

Myrtle CBD is committed to providing a safe natural alternative to commercialized pharmaceuticals. O...
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New Form Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy provides a powerful tool for achieving our goals and overcoming our challenges. Using ...
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North Okanagan Osteopathy

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Norwex household cleaning products combine unique, high-quality surfactants with specifically chose...
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Oh Natural Foods

We all know how difficult it is to find fresh, delicious foods that are convenient and healthy, and ...
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OK in Health eMagazine & Community Network

OK in Health offers a free community eMagazine to all participants as well as 15 minute and 30 minut...
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Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee

Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee™ is different. Our growers are owners. Our coffee creates community...
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Qi beauty - Skin Recovery System

Energize your skin, stimulate true cellular recovery and radiate your beauty with healthy, vibrant s...
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Q SCIENCES is a Lifestyle Movement that focuses on helping people of all ages to become Whole. With...
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Rainbow Systems

Air purification and home cleaning system
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Reviving 5000 Years of Civilization Society

Reviving 5000 Years of Civilization Society is a non for profit organization in Vancouver. Our missi...
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Road to Health Inc.

Helping you on your personal journey! Whether you are coming to see us for an injury, to improve ...
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Rodan + Fields Skincare

Rodan + Fields® is redefining the future of anti-aging skincare. Founded by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. ...
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SafeZone EMF Consulting

Electromagnetic radiation, at the amounts that we are all being exposed to on a daily basis, is dang...
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SafeZone EMF Radiation Protection

SafeZone EMF Radiation Protection is a full-service detection, protection and education facility so ...
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Self Spa Products

Self-Spa Products that get to the root of the issue. Reflexology and T.E.N.S. machines for optimal o...
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smartUBC Mindfulness Program

smartUBC is a stress management and resiliency technique program. Course format: The 20-hour pr...
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Sole Soothing Reflexology Kelowna

Come discover the many benefits of reflexology. As a certified reflexologist Robyn, owner of Sole So...
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Formerly KarmaRub Canada. Sales of Liquid Magnesium Chloride, Gel and Flake Magnesium Choride
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Spirit Gypsy

Spirit Gypsy is the coming together of spirit and rustic chic. Come visit us for a carefully curated...
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SweetLegs Armstrong with Carlin

Adult and Kids Leggings
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Telus Health

Telus Health is working hard to bring awareness to our new Seniors Medical Alarm Pendant. The Living...
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Thrive by Le-Vel

The THRIVE Experience is an 8-week premium lifestyle plan to help individuals experience and reach p...
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Tina Clelland - Energy Life Coach

Bringing Biopulsar technology to you. Showing you 143 Biomedical Sensors, providing a Holistic Diagn...
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TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)

Are you ready to stop dieting and start making real changes? TOPS can help you reach your weight-los...
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VoxxLife Wearable Neurological Technology, for improved balance, range of motion, energy, stamina en...
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Welcome Table

Welcome Table
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YWCA Hotel Vancouver

YWCA Hotel Vancouver provides a warm welcome to all travellers. We offer comfortable, safe and affor...
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Zija International & Améo Essential Oils

We are two lovely ladies sharing our keys to a healthy lifestyle. We pair scientifically tested, nat...
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