Booths & Pricing

Room Booths Size Price
Apple Room 1 - 46 8' x 8' $395.00 +5% GST ($414.75)
Orchard Room 47 - 60 7' x 5' Sunday only
$130 +5% GST ($136.50)

Booths Include:

Table(s), chairs, booth dividers, electrical, and accessible water. Powerful event and website marketing plus media coverage and a weekend packed with new and returning connections plus a boost in healing energy and karma! What's not to like?

For a list of exhibitor's currently booked please see our Exhibitor Showcase.

Tip: Hover over the booths to see information such as the exhibitor who booked it, price and dimensions.

Apple Room

The Apple Room at the Parkinson Recreation Centre has 46 booths (8' x 8').

Orchard Room

SUNDAY ONLY! The Orchard Room at the Parkinson Recreation Centre has 14 7'x5' booths.